pest control services Melbourne

Rat & Mouse Treatment

Have your home rodent free


Rats and Mice can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. They are also very un-hygienic and carry lots of diseases. Our treatments include baiting the roof and wall cavity’s and placing lockable tamper proof bait stations in your home. We also inspect and advise on potential entry points into your home. All our treatments are child and pet friendly.

pest control services melbourne

General Pest Treatments

Single Storey and Double storey Annual Spray Treatment

For all the creepy crawlies


Our annual spray treatments are designed to cover you from the insects and spiders that come out during the warmer months. We carry out an external spray treatment of gutters, window frames, down pipes, door frames, all external walls, full external perimeter of your home and fence lines. We then treat the roof cavity with an insecticidal dust specifically designed to target all insects and spiders. The last stage is the inside of your home which we spray a fine mist along the skirting boards and cornices in all rooms in your home. (note: this treatment requires a vacating period after the treatment).

Pest Control Melbourne Termites

Termite Inspections and treatments

Termite inspections and treatments

Annual Inspections to protect your home


Termites are the most destructive pests in the world and cause $15 billion of damage annually. Most of the time when termites are discovered is usually too late and could have been prevented by carrying out annual inspections. Termite damage and infestations are NOT covered by any home insurance company in Australia. In saying this it is crucial to protect your biggest investment being your home. All our reports, inspections and treatments are compliant with AS3660.2:2017 which is the current Australian Standards for Termite Management. We can also provide FREE quotes for preventative treatments.

pest control services melbourne

Cockroach Infestations

Get your kitchen back into your control today


This treatment is for the home that is seeing lots of cockroaches mainly at night or during the day in severe cases. German cockroaches will take over your kitchen and home if not treated in a timely manner. Regain control of your home and secure a booking to have your home treated.

pest control services melbourne

Bed Bug Treatments

Enjoy sleep filled nights again


Are you waking up with bites in the mornings, if so you may have a bed bug problem. Call today for a bed bug treatment and gain control of your bed again and enjoy sleeping at night again.

pest control services melbourne

Shops, Restaurants, Cafe, take away shop

keep your clients coming back to your shop


If you own a restaurant, take away food shop, cafe or shop ensure your customers keep coming back to your shop. There is nothing worse that can ruin a restaurants reputation than having pests in there shop that customers can see. Plus the health risks involved in having unwanted pests. We can ensure your business and reputation is maintained call today to discuss treatment options to suit your business.

European Wasp

Wasp and Bee Removal

Don’t get stung


Removing Wasp nests and Bee hives from your home can be a very dangerous task and you should always have a professional carry out this work. Do not attempt to treat a nest yourself. Give Buganator Pest Control a call today for a free quote to have your wasp nest or Bee hive removed safely. We treat these calls as an emergency and will get to you the same day if possible.